100 Dogs. 33-36.


I finally took some new dog shots. So, I’ve gone and lost my mind and started taking Miss Anya to a schutzhund club. No it’s not some kind of german porn.

It’s this elaborate, stylized german protection dog sport. Here look at this. It’s complicated, amazing and Anya freaking loves it. Really, it was what she was built to do.

While I was at practice last weekend, I figured I should get some more dog photos. So above you will see Fritz. He’s a Malinois. He’s super handsome.


And he can do this. He’s amazing.


This is Miss Lupin. She is such a sweet girl, she’s just over a year old.


She’s just learning the jumps, but I have no doubt she’s going to be a superstar.


This is Tsali. He’s just over a year old too and is huge.


He’s also about the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He looooves people.


Here’s his sister (not by blood), Yonah. She’s so freaking cute and fluffy.


She loves tugging.

There was also a super cute Malinois puppy there, but she was so wiggly, I’ll have to get a picture of her next time.


Here’s Anya…she’s supposed to be on the box. She’s almost got it down…but mostly she jumps all around it. This is going to be a big adventure with her. I may never compete or get her a title, but she loves it and it’s fun.


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