100 Dogs. 37 & 38. Mac and Pete.

Whew, it’s been a long time.  I’ve moved my studio and mostly moved my house and have only slightly lost my mind. I think I know where my stuff is… hah. Anyway. I did dig up these photos I took before the insanity started and thought I should share them.


These cute little dudes are my mom’s dogs that I was taking care of a couple months ago. On the left is Pete and on the right is Mac.macandpete2

They are great buddies.




Mac is probaby 7 or so and is some sort of terrier type mutt. He was a rescue and is still a little shy, but super, super sweet. He has the great terrier habit of coming when called…slowly.


Pete is also from the shelter and he’s a Chihuahua or something like that. He has 5 teeth left and he’s not afraid to use them. All he wants to to snuggle and sit around. I make them walk when they are here and he’s not amused.


See Pete, it’s not torture to be outside. I think he secretly likes it. Or he’s just looking for a Louis Vutton bag to hop into.


He cracks me up.


Mac is hunting. He never comes close to catching anything, but he’s sure that sometime he will.


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