El Malpais and Zuni Mountain Trails.

We packed up the dogs and bikes and the little pop up for a mini adventure last weekend. We decided to hit up a place that in all our years in New Mexico we’d never been to.

The first stop was El Malpais. It’s a cool little place on the Continental Divide, but nothing like you would expect to see.


We dragged the dogs out on this amazing sandstone bluff. Taj was game but horribly clumsy and Anya thought we had lost our silly human minds.


The views were stunning and overlooked the main feature of El Malpais. Lava. In New Mexico. On the Continental Divide. So very, very strange. We’ll get to the lava later.


Look at that crazy view.


Taj trying to look graceful…and failing.


Anya perfecting her super model skills.


Guess what? There’s a natural arch. La Ventana.


Then there is the lava. Tons of it. Miles of it. Crazy, cracked piles of it. Recommendation if you plan on going out there with dogs. Make sure they have shoes. Seriously. And they should be on leash, these cracks are very, very deep.


You have to follow the cairns or you’ll never find your way out of this crazyness again.


After all this geological nonsense, we loaded everyone up and headed over past Grants to the Zuni Mountain Trails. I would have never thought there would be this forested, ponderosa studded mountain this close to the deserty stuff you see from the highway.


Look at that. Smooth, flowy singletrack through the forest. Super cool. The trails are super fun, not super techy but really fun.


Anya loves camping. Taji was confused.

It was a great fast trip away to see some places we’d never seen. We will be back Zuni trails, you are darn fun. There are rumors of them being connected all the way to Ramah….I can’t wait.